Writing Your Own Blog: Is it for You?

Writing this blog is very time consuming, but I love doing it and appreciate the positive feedback.  I spend most of my time writing, but it's also necessary to do research – both on options and option topics, but also on how to write and operate a successful blog.

At least a few of you who visit these pages on a regular basis have begun your own blogs.  That's great.  If you have something to say, ideas to share, or want to start a discussion, then publishing your own blog is a good way to get involved. 

I give you one piece of advice:  blog about a topic that gets you excited.  If writing the blog becomes a chore, you will lose interest. But – if you love it, you'll have patience to wait for readers to find you.  Sometimes the wait is very short because the first few who discover your writings may be eager to spread the word among their friends, or better yet, on MySpace or Twitter.

Building a Successful Blog

Traffic is important.  The best way to build traffic to your blog is to provide the best possible content.  Educate, explain, pontificate, or whatever else suits your fancy.  Be honest and be passionate.

I've scoured the web, looking for ideas.  I've read tips from people who tell you how to build a better blog.  The stuff's out there and if you want to build a blog, you can find it.  there are many voices, and as with anything else, some are better than others.

The best source for me is Darren Rowse who lives in Australia.  He  recently put together an e-book based on: 31 Days to Build a Better BlogClick here to view more details.

The e-book's not free ($19.95) but it's inexpensive (disclosure: if you buy from the above link, I earn a commission) and has plenty of useful ideas.  You can read more of his ideas on his blog.

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