Why pay when you can get it free?

Judging by the ongoing comments of readers, I know that you appreciate the efforts that go into maintaining this Options for Rookies Blog. That the content is free makes it even better. It’s reasonable to ask why I would expect anyone to subscribe to Options for Rookies Premium.

When I answer a question isn’t the answer the same, regardless of where the question originates? They are not the same. Because the questions come from Members, I pay extra attention to providing a reply that is more focused on education. For the newer options trader, that’s a big plus.

For $37, Members receive a full month’s content. And the best part for you – is that the first month’s membership fee is fully refundable if you are not completely satisfied. All I ask is that you request that refund within 30 days.

  • Live meetings – available on video if you cannot attend
    • Answers to questions
    • Sometimes a short prepared talk gets the meeting started
    • Discussion of specific trades. These can be your trades, if you want to share them
    • Conversations are similar to that on a forum, except that the conversation is live
    • Four meetings per month, minimum
    • Separate sessions for newbie traders, as needed
  • Blog posts on various topics. Not every day
  • Regular forum for discussion. Members only
  • Occasional webinars
  • Occasional lessons – via video – as part of an options education

The bottom line is that for a few dollars per hour, Gold Members get a chance to interact with me. My best skills are helping newer traders understand the concepts of using options and replying to questions so that you get a better understanding of some of the subtleties of options trading. If you are already a very experienced trader, I cannot help you become an expert trader. That’s the job of a mentor or coach.

Members work in groups. This is not one on one mentoring, but it does not cost thousands of dollars per year. Options for Rookies Premium is not for everyone, but if you want guidance, if you want to participate in group discussions or talk about specific trades you get useful feedback.


4 Responses to Why pay when you can get it free?

  1. rluser 05/04/2011 at 9:02 AM #

    I once thought I read on this site that you did offer coaching and mentoring services. Do you still offer that as well or have you ceased to focus on your other activities?

    • Mark D Wolfinger 05/04/2011 at 9:08 AM #


      I do offer consultation for individuals. Not sure if it goes under the title of mentoring, but I work with people to help them learn – or better understand – specific issues. With my current workload, I have very little time for this activity. However, I find time when anyone inquires.

      My best work is with people who are learning about options. For moving to higher levels – i.e., trying to become an expert trader – I should not be your options expert of choice. Others have far more experience with that type of training.

  2. SI BREADMAN 05/04/2011 at 11:48 AM #

    Hey Mark,
    Don’t know if you picked up on it but your book is required reading on one of your competitors blogs. Check the 4/28 entry on Mark Sebastian’s Options Pit blog. Can’t say that I disagree since I’ve read it twice and am using it as a reference guide to my extremely lucrative papertrading career.

    • Mark D Wolfinger 05/04/2011 at 12:11 PM #

      Hi Breadman,

      I did read his review and thanked him for writing it.
      And I also appreciate your mentioning it here.

      Let’s hope the carryover to the real money career does as well.