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Bill at VIX and More is looking forward to the launch of two VIX exchange traded notes by Barclay's Capital.

Kathryn, as a guest blogger at Million Dollar Journey, has some good money ideas for children.

I agree with Dave's lament that "The casino environment that has become Wall Street and investing in general continues. It leaves mainstream investors scratching their heads."  This is a good market for traders – but it's a sad, sad time for investors.

Adam warns that "Options can of course soar ahead of realized volatility. Think earnings anticipation as an easy example, but just in general, options can correctly anticipate an uptick in volatility. So options fatter than stock, in and of itself, does NOT make them a sale.

We all like to sell options when IV is high.  But many times that high IV is justified.

John at The Essentials of Trading stresses the importance of a basic education when trading:   "This early part of the learning curve is something where educational resources [books] are most helpful….Now, having noted the value of basic education, I am not a fan of people paying huge amounts of money for it. I’ve heard of new traders spending thousands of dollars on seminars and such. That’s a massive waste is almost all cases. You should only ponder a higher expense course or program after you have a good foundation and a strong awareness of where you need to develop your know-how and skills."  

I agree, but am even less of a fan of those costly seminars than John.  I'd avoid them altogether.


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