What Other Bloggers Are Saying About Volatility

Bill Luby at VIXandMore is an excellent source for information regarding VIX (the CBOE Volatility Index) and how traders can incorporate VIX, and related vehicles, into their trading.

He says: "I generally use the VIX as a speculative vehicle rather than a hedging tool, but lately I have received several questions about how one might go about hedging a portfolio with the VIX." 

Bill then offers the following conclusion from a recent study:

"the results of this study suggest that, dollar-for-dollar, VIX calls
could have provided a more efficient means of diversification than
provided by SPX puts."

An interesting result, and I confess that I have not read this lengthy paper.  Expect more from Bill on this topic.


Adam Warner at Daily Options Report offers frequent comments regarding VIX and volatility in general. He served the investing public well by spreading the word that trading the triple weighted ETFs is a losing proposition for the investor, and that these vehicles are designed for day traders only.

This is merely a random sample of his quality discussions about various aspects of volatility.


Jared at CondorOptions also takes the time to write about volatility.  If you are interested in more than the basics, here's one example of a more advanced discussion.

If you like to look at charts and data, his volatility tracker is not to be missed.  He writes about iron condors, giving you an opportunity to see how and when his perspective differs from mine.

I suggest subscribing to the RSS feeds from these blogs.  It will provide a bunch of good reading.


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