What Other Bloggers Are Saying

There some great stuff in the blogosphere.  Here are a few samples:

"From Jeff White at TheStockBandit.net: It’s a fact that risk must be taken in order to profit, but our ability as traders to manage those risks
is of utmost importance. Anytime those risks cannot be managed
appropriately, it’s not the ideal time to be trading… but the good news is that it won’t
be that way forever. Further, it brings up an important question: Are conditions shifting…?

Fortunately, it looks like we just might be entering into a quieter
time, although getting there won’t be an overnight event… That isn’t to say that uncertainty is
disappearing, because this market still has much to deal with
(election, earnings, economy, etc.). However, we’re likely to start
seeing smaller day-to-day moves in the weeks to come as a result of the
declining volatility – if it continues to decline. That will not
exclude the occasional jaw-dropping rally or gut-wrenching selloff, but
it should make it easier to locate better bases for trade candidates."

Felix Salmon, in his blog, Market Movers:  "As far as AIG was concerned, it was one of the biggest companies in
the world… all it cared about was default risk, not market risk. But
as a result, it took on much more market risk than it was really aware
of — and that market risk ended up forcing the entire company into the
arms of the US government.

The lesson, of course, is simple, but hard to learn: it's not the risks you measure which bring you down, it's the risks you don't measure. But protecting against those risks is very, very hard."

Mark Cuban's Blog Maverick is rather blunt when giving advice: "If you listen to me, I GUARANTEE YOU that you will earn a
greater return than 90 pct of the richest, supposedly smartest money
managers ON THE PLANET.
All those Wall Street fat cats, they can’t earn as much on their money for you as I can help you earn…

So in a nutshell, while the interest rate on your credit cards is going up, the return on your investments has been going down.
You know what they call someone who keeps on giving money to their
stockbroker, mutual fund or 401k, but doesn’t pay off their credit card
balance in full every month, BROKE AND STUPID

The first thing you do with your money is if you have money market
funds, you take the money out and pay down your credit card debt."

There's more and it's worth reading.


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