What Other Bloggers Are Saying. II

John Foreman, in his Essentials
of Trading Blog
offers sound advice to the beginners looking for an answer to
this common question:

“Where do I find good stocks
to invest in?”

The very short, very
answer to the question he asked is
the NYSE, NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange, Tokyo Stock Exchange, etc. There are
good stocks for investment all over the world.

The problem is the
question is too vague. In order to answer it with any real meaning I’d need to
have an idea of his objectives, time horizon, and things like that. It makes no
sense for me to recommend something that is good for identifying long-term
plays if he’s looking for something more momentum o
riented. I also need to know
t type of investing/trading style he
favors. If he’s favors tech
nicals, it makes no sense to suggest something
fundamentally biased.

his question is
typical of the type of question many market newbies ask. They are much, much
too general for anyone to really be able to help them except by blind luck. Do
yourself a big favor and be as specific and detailed in your inquiries as you
can be. It will go a long, long way to help get you the information and advice
you’re after.

I agree with John, but the
truth is that new investors often don’t know enough about investing to
recognize what information should be included when asking a question.


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