Welcome to the World of Options

If you, an investor, recently
heard about options for the first time, it’s likely that the source was an
eager friend who made a winning trade. Enthusiasm is contagious.

I hope that the fact that you
found your way to this page means that you are doing research for yourself
before blindly trying to mimic the results of your friend. Options represent an excellent investment
opportunity to enhance your earnings over the years. It would be a shame to miss out on that
opportunity by getting off to a bad start, and then abandoning options because
you believe they are ‘too risky.’

You have two basic choices. The first is to jump right in, follow the
advice of your friend and hope that both of you know what you are doing. The second is to take the time to learn about
options before investing your money. 

If you want to make that
quick killing, it’s possible, but the chances of success are small. If you take the time to understand how
options work, you can discover how to increase the odds of making money with each
trade you make. But, it’s not free
money. To gain the advantages of more frequent
profits, you must sacrifice something – and that’s the possibility of unlimited
profits. The more you learn about options, the easier it becomes to decide
whether options are right for you and your investment objectives.

In an effort to help you get
off to a good (profitable) start with your options trading, I’ve prepared an
introduction to the topic of investing with options that gives you a good
understanding of the basic concepts of options: what an option is and what an option does. You can download an eBook here or visit my website for additional
information. It’s all free.

If this material interests
you, there’s plenty of good advice and educational material in this blog and website.

Welcome to the options


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