Welcome Fidelity Customers

Fidelity Investments published an interview about The Rookie's Guide to Options
for their Active Trader's Newsletter today, and  I
welcome all Fidelity customers to this blog.  I hope you find it as
useful as current readers

Options for Rookies is a blog dedicated to
helping option traders at all experience levels, with emphasis on a
newcomer to the options world.  My mission is to help you get a solid education allowing you to begin
(or continue) trading options with the odds of success on your side. 

I share commentary and opinion on a variety of topics related to equity and index options.  If you have questions or topics you would like to see discussed in this blog, feel free to request them by leaving a comment.

My philosophy

I encourage using options as they were intended to be used – as risk-reducing, profit enhancing, investment tools.  If you explore the archives here and my website – you'll discover lessons, ideas, opinion and a description of my trading philosophy.

If you are interested in following a conservative path and don't feel the need to gamble in an attempt to get rich overnight, this blog is for you.  Learn more of my philosophy here, to be certain you agree with my ideas.

Please download a free sampler copy of the Rookie's Guide to Options.


One Response to Welcome Fidelity Customers

  1. SLAIT73 10/01/2008 at 7:44 AM #

    Dear Mark,
    Could you explain something about GAMMA SCALPING?.
    I´ve read it´s a way to complement the IC strategy.
    Regards from Spain.