VIX Data October 9, 2009

Another rally and another crushing of implied volatility.



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  1. davmp 10/11/2009 at 5:15 PM #

    Hi Mark, I’ve been reading your blog for a week or two, trying to better understand options. But everything I read seems like I’m dropped in the middle of an ongoing conversation. Is there some navigation option I’m missing to find a series of posts that serve to start as an introduction of sorts for different strategies and levels of understanding?

  2. davmp 10/12/2009 at 8:43 AM #

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for your detailed reply!
    I certainly understand that blogs are not structured like books, and that I literally *am* dropping in on conversations you are having with your readers. After all, you’re mostly answering questions asked of you. I was just hoping there was an easy method, which I was missing, to find other posts on your blog about similar topics when I find a post that really interests me. I think you’re right that categorization, or perhaps tags (user-added?), particularly displayed at the bottom of each post, would “fix” this for me.
    I think your posts are of a generous size, and I really appreciate you taking the time to provide as much explanation as you do. Please keep up that great work!
    BTW, the link in your answer above to lessons on calendar spreads isn’t working for me. It takes me to a TypePad login page.

  3. Mark Wolfinger 10/12/2009 at 8:55 AM #

    Original reply, reposted with a link change:
    I appreciate your calling my attention to this situation. 1) I must find the time to re-organize the categories list. 2) I’m not certain I can solve your specific frustration. This blog is not organized like a book. By that I mean I cannot provide a chapter length – and thus complete – discussion of every question to which I reply – or every topic I discuss. 3) I discuss a specific topic in as much detail as possible and try to provide a clear picture for the person who asks the question – and for everyone else. But’s that’s as far as I can go in a blog post. In fact, on average, these posts are probably too lengthy. 4) I provided ‘lessons’ on specific option strategies in blog posts. For example, there is a 5-part series on calendar spreads. Here’s a link to the last part – which contains links to the others: I also posted a significant amount of information on iron condors – but it was never my intention to provide enough information, in a sequential order, to ‘teach’ the reader to use iron condors. Rather each post was written to illustrate a specific aspect of using the strategy, or to reply to questions from readers about specific aspects. My guess is that if you were able to find all the relevant posts (again, categorization must be updated) you would probably have enough information to learn to use the method efficeintly and effectively. 5) When writing the blog, my purpose is to provide guidance, opinion, conversation etc on a bunch of aspects of option trading. The best way to take a ‘course’ in options education, is to go through a quality book for beginners. If you like my writing style and the detial I provide, then The Rookies Guide to Options is for you. There are other books as well as free seminars at the CBOE ( or OIC ( 6) Bottom line is that I want this blog to be helpful to as many readers as possible. Please let me know if this reply works for you.
    Best regards,

  4. Mark Wolfinger 10/12/2009 at 9:02 AM #

    1) Removed original reply and updated the link
    2) If you look at the right column, near the bottom, you will see ‘categories’
    This is not as efficient as it should be, but when I mention (for example) iron condors, I set one of the categories for that post as: strategies: iron condors.
    Thus, you can find all posts related to a given category. They will not be in a ‘lesson sequence,’ but they are available to you.
    Does that help?