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Meet our Readers

Most of the time, I do not post over the weekends.  That gives me an idea, and I have no way of knowing whether readers will want to take part in this project.

If there is sufficient interest, I'm going to devote Saturdays to stories from you, readers of Options for Rookies.

Anything goes, as long as it is options related.  If you have stories to share – perhaps specific trades or why you became interested in trading options – please send them via e-mail: blog (at) mdwoptions (dot) com

DO NOT post submissions as comments.

Send a lesson learned, or something humorous.  Write about a lucky, frightening, or some other interesting trade. Perhaps you want to share your personal story describing how you got involved with trading.  All ideas welcome.  Feel free to mention other bloggers.

I know that I'm taking a risk that no one will respond.

Feel free to include your name and any information that you want published. Or send your story with a note stating you prefer to remain anonymous.


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