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Promotion: Buy Book at 30% discount; Chance to Win a Prize

Hear ye; hear ye; hear ye: Because Of its status as the recent #1 best-selling options book at Amazon.com, I'm announcing:

October 2009 is

The Rookie's Guide to Options Month

   With Three Prizes

All participants are eligible to win one of three prizes (more below)

W&A Publishing has agreed to offer the Rookie's Guide to Options at a substantial discount (30%), if the book is purchased directly from the company's website, but only for the month of October, 2009.

To participate, click here and enter code: RGD1XX9.

As an incentive, there are three prizes to be awarded.

Prizes will be awarded to three randomly selected winners (limit one prize per person).  Anyone who buys the Rookie's Guide through this promotion may enter.

you buy the book through Amazon.com, or any other source other than W
& A Publishing's web site, you are NOT eligible to win a prize.  But you will still enjoy the book.

Winners will be notified by e-mail as soon as their identities are known.

First prize: I'll give a one
hour lesson in the comfort of your own home or office,  via Skype (or telephone).  You may invite up to three others to
participate.  I'll talk about a specific topic of your choice (obviously subject to my ability to discuss that options-related topic). 

If you prefer, you may choose one hour of telephone consultation with me, on any topic related to options education for rookies, a $150 value.  If you have questions or doubts about trading options, this is the right time to pose those questions. 

W&A Publishing is participating further by offering a 2nd prize of any two* of their published books; plus a 3rd prize of any one of their published books. (*minor restrictions)

To see is a list of books published by W&A Publishing, click here.


How to enter:

1) Buy the Rookie's Guide to Options directly from W&A Publishing

2) *Forward the receipt for the purchase (from W&A Publishing only; not from Amazon.com or any other source)  to me via e-mail:  contest (at) mdwoptions (dot) com

*I cannot know you bought the book if you don't tell me

3) All entries will be compiled into a list and assigned a number, based on the chronological order in which they are received.

4) My computer will select three random numbers from one to the number of entrants.  The entrants whose numbers correspond with the winning numbers are the winners.

The first number generated wins first prize; second number wins 2nd prize and (surprise) the 3rd number generated wins 3rd prize.

To see a preview of The Rookie's Guide and its contents, download a free sampler version here.  It contains a very brief introduction to each chapter.

Best of luck to all who participate.


Many readers of this blog have expressed their appreciation for the material offered here.  Here's your chance to show support by buying the book as a gift for an investor buddy…and you may win a prize in the process.

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