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Options for Rookies Premium

Options for Rookie's is a place to learn about options, ask questions, suggest topics for discussion, and most of all, a blog where we can exchange ideas and dialog about options.   The best part for me comes from intracting with readers who take the time to post comments or questions.

The focus is, and will remain: options education for individual investors. This blog will continue to be published in its current format.

Announcing:I plan to launch a new website: Options for Rookies Premium.  Launch date (tentative): March 1, 2011.


Options for Rookies Premium: Brief Description (more details at a later date)

Options for Rookies Premium is a membership site that serves a different audience.  It offers more traditional options education in a classroom setting.

Free sample I intend to offer free membership to everyone for two weeks. I hope that will be in mid to late February.  Once that two-week period ends, the site will be launched officially, and available only to paid members. 

What do you get for becoming a member?

* Live Question & Answer Session: One hour, 3 times per month. In a virtual meeting, members ask questions and receive immediate replies.

* Live seminars: Once again, a virtual meeting at which I'll choose one topic for a lengthy discussion.  Estimate: 30+ minutes.  These are spontaneous discussions, with no advanced preparation.  I'll take a topic from suggestions of those who attend. These sessions will be recorded. 3 times per month.

* Follow a live trade via blog posts.  We'll follow a trade from entry to exit, including all risk management decisions.  I'll be counting on members to suggest trades (no trade ideas now, please).  These are learning experiences and not intended to be money-making trade recommendations.

* Video posts when appropriate

* Discounts on almost everything: yearly membership, e-books, private consultation, courses.

* Webinar: An occasional pre-recorded webinar on a relevant topic.  Topic requests accepted. Frequency unknown.

* Written Questions and answers: I'll answer questions as I do on this blog.  The difference is that those questions should focus on topics covered on the Premium site.

I hope to offer more as time passes.

Guarantee: Unconditional, no questions asked refund of the month's fee – before paying for the next month.  If you pay for the next month, it's reasonable to assume you were satisfied with the current month's content. Limit: Once per person.

Membership cost: Undecided, but it will be reasonable.


Courses: Extra cost

I'll be teaching courses for option rookies.  There will be basic beginner classes, as well as classes for traders with some experience.  I will leave more advanced education to other instructors and mentors.  As regular readers of Options for Rookies already know, the importance of risk management will be a major component of any trade discussions.

Non-members may take courses at the full rate.  Members pay 1/3 less.  Unconditional money-back guarantee: If you are not satisfied after the first session, just let me know and the refund is yours.

Your input

That's the plan and it's subject to improvement. The main purpose of today's post is to seek your input.  Please let me know your thoughts. Suggestions and comments requested.



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