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Initial Poll Results

Yesterday's poll questions provided responses that are surprising to me.  That prompts a few more questions.  My goal is to make this blog educational and enjoyable for as many readers as possible.

At this point in the polling (please vote), about one in six of the readers who responded consider themselves to be rookies and 70% have been trading options for at least one year.  Among that 70%, more than half have been trading options for at least five years.

As expected most (>75%) live in North America and the vast majority (86%) are sellers of option premium.  Six percent buy options. 

If the results change significantly, I'll report back, but you can see the status for yourselves by clicking on any poll question's 'view results.'


In an effort to provide content that is most beneficial to you, I want to know whether the topics covered in this blog and the detail with which I offer explanations are suitable. 

Do you appreciate the extra detail I provide, or do you find it tedious, and would appreciate reading the material with less detail?

Do you want to see much more material geared to the rookie?  After all, my intention was to write a blog that would attract people who wanted to learn about options, or who had just begun trading.  I found so many more topics worthy of discussion that I expanded my blogging horizons.

For readers who have been trading less than two years: When you began reading this blog, did you consider yourself to be a rookie options trader?

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