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The Dilemma at Options for Rookies

A few days ago, when beginning a reply to [Here's the reply], I realized I had reached a turning point.

When responding, my goal is to move the questioner from a state of confusion to one of enlightenment.  That may be overstating my abilities, but it is the objective.

I'm trying to solve the reader's immediate problem and make it possible for the person asking the question to experience an 'aha moment' in which he/she now understands the answer.  I prefer not to provide a brief reply that offers only immediate gratification.  I'm hoping the reader can handle a similar situation the next time it appears.

I receive many words of appreciation, and the positive feedback is appreciated.

These loooong questions have become a problem.  They cannot be answered in a few minutes.  Look at the length of the aforementioned question:  It's a whole blog post by itself. 

As Options for Rookies grows in popularity, the number of comments and questions increases.  I love it and welcome every question.  But how can I find the time to reply when so many of the answers are complicated?  I must devote part of my work day towards earning an income.  And that's the dilemma.  My trading has become limited due the time devoted to the blog – and other writing.

I was told (very soon after I began this blog) that providing lengthy, detailed answers was going to get me into a pickle.  Well, it's happened. 

To date, I've replied to each question, whether it arrives via e-mail or through a blog comment (preferred method).  I no longer have the time to do justice to all.

One  solution is to reply to some questions and allow the others to go unanswered.  However, I owe a debt of gratitude to  each
of you as a treasured friend. 
I don't want to pass over your questions.

I don't know how to proceed.

ADDENDUM: Immediately after finishing this post (last week), another question arrived.  It was a good question about kite spreads and required more than one-half hour to reply.  I timed the reply (35 minutes) and came to a clear decision: The day is too short to reply to all questions.


After due deliberation, I believe I found a viable solution.  Your input is sought.  No final decision has been made.

I. Options for Rookies continues with one change: 

  • All comments are welcome
  • I will respond to questions, if a couple of sentences suffices
  • Unless I deem the question of general interest and convert it to it's own blog post, I will not reply to questions that cannot adequately be answered briefly
  • Some unanswered questions will be answered as described below

II. Begin a membership blog:

  • New, special content will be included in the membership blog

After many requests from readers, I'll be following live trades.  More details on this topic – Monday, Feb 8, 2010

I'll experiment with live interaction with members, if I can master the technology (Upstream)

                Q & A sessions

                Mini-lessons or short webinars

  • Video posts of unknown content.  I don't know what to include here
  • Answers to some questions from Options for Rookies
  • Answers to all questions from Options for Rookies, if not overloaded with questions on the new blog
  • No Google ads to get in the way.  In fact, no ads, period.  A cleaner look.

When asking for a subscription, it's important to me that readers believe it's a fair and reasonable request.  Please participate in this poll:

If site is started, I guarantee: fee will never increase for a subscriber


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