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Options: The Misunderstood Derivative

I reached out to a long-time reader who downloaded a copy of one of my e-books.

During the conversation he related an anecdote that must be happening many times and in many places.  I find it to be very disturbing.

Incidentally I was at a job interview (at a good-sized company) a few days ago and I was
asked about having options trading listed on my CV (as a pastime/other interest).
The guy basically accused me of having a gambling problem on the spot.

I tried
to explain that I am definitely not a gambler, and that options can be used to
reduce risk, but by the look on his face he was having none of it.

I am now redoing my CV and becoming a closet trader.

Isn't that amazing?  My correspondent uses a risk-reducing investment tool and some  moron gets to call him a gambler.   Not only that, but he probably has the authority to deny him the job.

Facing reality, the resume is being changed.  As he points out, it should be beneficial to be proficient in a skill that uses statistics and probabilities plus the ability to handle numbers. This job was in a scientific field where such skills ought to be appreciated.

Just one more example where we find people railing out against the beneficial stock option with no knowledge of the subject.  Sure, we all loathe the bankers and quants who gambled with derivatives that were too complex to understand, but the anger is misplaced in this case.

Any chance he'll still get the job?


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