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Blog Disclosure Policy

To comply with the recent FTC ruling concerning blogger's compensation, I offer the following disclosure policy.  When dealing with government bureaucrats, one can never be too careful.


I earn a referral fee for clicks on most of the ads that appear in the blog.  Some advertisers pay a flat monthly fee.

I earn a referral fee from Amazon.com
when anyone links to amazon from this blog and – on that visit – buys
anything from amazon.com

I earn a royalty payment from my publisher
for every copy of my book sold.  This is so obvious that I cannot believe it must be disclosed, but I cannot afford to take a chance.


I do not earn any payments for items mentioned on this blog, unless there is a direct link to amazon.com.  If there is an exception, I specifically disclose such payment. 

If I do earn a commission for referring
you to a
product or service that I believe is beneficial, I disclose that information.  If no such
is made, I receive no compensation. 
Some items are so useful that I gladly recommend their use – without payment of any kind.

When I link to other blogs, the purpose is to alert you to interesting posts or bloggers worth your time (in my opinion).  There is no compensation of any kind for providing those links. 

I do not exchange links with other bloggers for the sole purpose of exchanging links.

At least one blogger had some fun when dealing with the new policy.  See this disclosure for an enjoyable read.


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