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Posting Live Trades

Hi Mark,

I wanted to chime in here and mention that like Steve, I've tried to
pieced a few trades together via your tweets.

You've mentioned that
you're not comfortable posting detailed trade info for fear of people
taking it as a recommendation. That said, I know that I would follow
along on paper and learn something even if I wasn't comfortable with
the trade. I learned a LOT from watching Dan Sheridan's webinars because
there's plenty of detail regarding adjustments of calendars and dbl

I think you and Dan have different styles, though I find them
complimentary to be sure. There seems to be a common theme in the blog
comments where readers are asking for more specific examples, and I
really think the intent is to learn rather than get a trade
Keep up the great work!

Regards, Rob


I agree: for most the intent is to learn.

I must mention that I am working on the idea of following a trade from start to finish.  Right now the idea is to publish the entire 'diary' after the trade is closed.  That does provide the opportunity to follow along and review decisions as they were made in real time.

But what it obviously lacks is your ability to consider alternatives.  In real time, you could make any type of adjustment that suited you – hopefully in a paper trading account.  Then you could follow along and see which adjustment, or the timing of an adjustment, works better.  Of course, a better result in a trade or two proves nothing, but it does allow you to have more than your own input when monitoring a trade.

I'm becoming more friendly to this idea.  I doubt I'll begin before April (for reasons that I cannot mention today).  But thanks for the encouragement, and you can look for this feature in the coming months.


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