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Contest winners: Expiring Monthly, 100% devoted to options.

I express a deep sense of appreciation for the thoughtfulness of the suggestions received. 

As a reminder, I offered subscriptions to Expiring Monthly: The Option Traders Journal as prizes to readers who offered the 'best' ideas for single articles or recurring features, that can be used in Expiring Monthly.

'Best' being based on my opinion because there's no correct method to measure 'best.'

This magazine is 100% options.  No side issues.  If you are an options trader, this magazine will be of interest to you.  And with the contest providing additional ideas for features, it's going to be an even better product.


I had a difficult time separating winners and had to settle for some ties.

First Place: Winner of a one-year subscription


Second Place, and winner of a 6-month subscription:


Third Place (tie): Each wins a 3-month subscription

Jeff P



I'll notify the winners via email and enter their names on the list of subscribers. 


Andy and Matt had similar ideas. 

Andy suggested taking an awkward trading situation and have each of the five contributing editors describe an adjustment that he would make under the stated conditions.  The objective is to ply the skills of a risk manager to improve the outlook for the trade – or possibly recognize a lost cause and exit.  Comparing different approaches makes for an interesting article.

I don't know if this idea can be turned into reality, but I can try to get everyone interested.  I like this idea and award it the 'grand' prize.


Matt's idea is to suggest a trade and describe why it would be expected to do better than an alternative trade, when the alternative is seeking to profit under the same conditions as the original.  

This is the normal thought process that everyone should apply before entering into a trade.  However, a discussion may make it easier for newer traders to reach an appropriate decision – and that makes the idea worthy of a prize.

Matt's  plan seeks alternatives at the onset of the trade, while Andy's considers alternatives at the decision point.  Andy's idea is more elegant.


Jeff suggested an interesting chart to be included in our data and charts section:  VIX, along with a rolling moving average.

Rob likes the idea of interviewing individuals who trade for a living.

Kim suggested taking a look at how the level of implied volatility, as measured by VIX, may influence which strategy a trader adopts.


Thanks to everyone who entered for those suggestions.  The contest is over, but I would love to hear additional ideas.


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