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Options Crossword Puzzle

Something different today.

If you are are crossword fanatic, this puzzle will not please you.  It's not symmetrical and has many other flaws.

To compensate, there are prizes.


It's best to print the puzzle, fill it in, copy, and send via e-mail.

If that's impossible, send a list of correct words, in numerical order, across first, then down.

1) First correct entry wins a one year subscription to Expiring Monthly, a $99 value.  To learn more about the magazine, visit this page.

2) For those who don't see this blog early in the day, I'll offer the same prize to every 25th entry (note that's the 25th, 50th etc. entry, not just correct solutions), if that entry has the correct solution.

3) One entry per person.

4) Submission deadline: Aug 19, 2010 5AM Eastern Time (USA)

5) To enter, send e-mail to:   contest (at) mdwoptions (dot) com.

Please do not send to any other e-mail address.

Have fun.





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