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Book Promotion Winners

Our book promotion for the month of October has ended.  Anyone who purchased a copy of The Rookie's Guide to Options directly from the publisher at a 30% discount – and who forwarded the receipt to me via e-mail – was eligible to win one of three prizes.

Early in the month, the promotion price was excellent.  Later on, amazon offered the book at $23.07 (current price) and they sold a bunch of copies.  The book was ranked the #1 best-seller among option books for four consecutive days at amazon.com.

Using a random number generator at random.org, I chose the winners.

First prize: One hour of my time via e-mail, telephone, or Skype.  Q & A session, seminar, lesson etc.

Second prize: choice (small restrictions apply) of two books published by W & A publishing

Third prize: Choice of one book from W & A Publishing

The winners have already been notified via e-mail.

The winners are:

1st: Richard F

2nd: Danny G

3rd: Gregg I

Thanks to all who participated.


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