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Behind the Spread

There's a relatively new blog on the scene, titled: Behind the Spread.  This, from their 'about' page explains the reason they exist:

"Do you often run into investors and wonder who they are?  What’s
their background?  What was their journey to success like?  Have you
ever wished you knew them better? Or connect with them more personally?

Behind The Spread (BTS) aims to close that gap by introducing you to
real investors who have an influence in this community.  Big or small,
they all have a story.  Our mission is to help you discover them.

Learn their stories.  Learn their background.  Learn their game. 
This is where you meet and connect with people “Behind The Spread”

I believe that my story – chemistry to trading to writing – makes for interesting reading.  If any of you are so inclined, please fill out this short form and suggest that I be interviewed.  Thank you.


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