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New Trader FAQ

New Trader FAQs: Experienced Traders and Market Pros Answer the Questions New Traders Ask Most Frequently

There's a new question and answer e-book dedicated to the new trader, compiled by John Forman, publisher of The Essentials of Trading blog.

Titled:  New Trader FAQs it contains answers to more than 50 questions provided by knowledgeable sources, including yours truly.  These are experienced traders and market professionals.

The complete list of questions

Most of the questions have multiple answers, giving you different perspectives when addressing a specific problem.

more responses from forum members you know nothing about. Get answers
and info from people who are more than just screen names and avatars.

Important:  This book is for new traders in general, and is NOT directed specifically to option traders.


Here's a brief video of interest.  It has no relationship to New Trader FAQs.

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