Rookies Guide; 2nd edition

I am pleased to announce that the revised and expanded (394 pages vs 232 pages) 2nd edition of The Rookies Guide to Options is almost ready for publication.

Anticipated publication: June 1, 2013.

The best place to buy the book is However, it’s always nice to place an order with your local bookseller.

If I discover anyone selling the book at a good discount, I will list that bookseller right here.

For readers who prefer an e-book, the first edition is still available ($10). The 2nd edition is not suitable for most e-book readers and there are no immediate plans to offer an e-book version.


3 Responses to Rookies Guide; 2nd edition

  1. paul-s 05/11/2013 at 10:45 PM #

    looking forward to it! the first edition was the best beginners options book i read.

    as i’m trying to go 99% digital, would prefer an e-book edition. your publisher should look at apple’s “ibooks author” – their tool for creating richer e-books, especially aimed at textbooks. i’m sure it’d be very suitable. about 100x better than the standard .epub based books. also, is pretty great and equally sophisticated. i would agree, though, pretty much anything else would fail.

    Thanks Paul. I will look into it.

    The BIG PROBLEM is that I write with a ton of footnotes and becasue e-books do not have fixed page content, all footnotes have to be placed go at the end [yes there are workarounds, but I prefer footnotes to be on the same page as the content that is footnoted.] That makes it very inconvenient for readers.

    Thanks for suggestions

    • paul-s 05/13/2013 at 10:19 AM #

      hello! yes, the “Inkling Habitat” format books support a footnote-like function that is actually embedded in the text (example – type a little “…” icon after a sentence, and see a popup box with the footnote text – even with embedded images or audio). i think there is a similar possibly with ibooks author (popover widget). neither of them use the “standard” ebook formats that are just page-less globs of endless text with terrible quality scans of diagrams (such as epub). they are far more sophisticated.

      another nice feature both support – you can imbed your end of chapter quizzes into the app (i found those to be really useful and well crafted in your book). it will ask questions, the reader can answer, then it shows the correct answer.

      also, iBooks Author does support “fixed” page numbers (text can scroll, but there is a numbering system in the lower right, so say a teacher can synchronize page references between print and digital versions).

      i’m actually a graphic designer by trade, and had coincidently just been studying up on design possibilities for advanced e-books just when i read your post in my RSS feed. so, yes, definitely have your publisher look into either of these newer “systems” (iBooks Author or Inkling Habitat).

      Thank you!

  2. konsta 05/16/2013 at 2:51 PM #

    Once in a while I have stumbled upon unreleased books on amazon, but could not find the 2nd edition there yet, although it is supposed to be released soon. A link would be nice.

    Hello Kosta,

    I have no link to provide until the book is officially available at amazon. I will attempt to get a pre-publication link

    The book is somewhere between one and two weeks away from being published.

    Thanks for your interest.