Revenge on the Banks: We can do it America.

Anyone angry with the banks?  Especially the big banks who helped cause the economic meltdown of 2008-2009?  I know I'm very angry. 

The bankers took enormous risk, they lost, and we paid the bills.  And they are back at the same old game, earning (Goldman, Morgan) billions for their risk-taking, senior employees.

Then there's the new credit card laws.  Because of the delay in the starting date for the new laws, the bankers changed their credit card policies and circumvented the new laws.

These people care nothing for their customers.  They are leeches on society.  They take from the poor – deliberately, actively – and give to the rich (themselves).

The latest brouhaha involves those overdraft fees for debit cards.  In case you haven't heard about this, the bank – as a courtesy to you – allows you to overdraw your account, with no warning, and hits you with a fee, typically $35 for going ten cents over your limit. 

Sure customers should know their balances, but this is deliberate, and it's big business for the banks.   And most banks do not allow you to opt out.  That means you must accept this overdraft 'protection.'  And even worse, many times customers have this 'protection' without being aware of it.

It's time to get even.  Tell these banks that we are 'mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.'

Here's how to do it.  A fantastic idea. Small claims court,  HT to Felix Salmon for bringing it to my attention.  Original poster is Karney Hatch.


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