Personal Note

Every time I sit at my desk to write something, the uppermost thought is always “what can I write about that will help you, the reader.” The primary goal is options education and I have a big stack of blog posts at Options for Rookies — if you can find a way to meander among them.

I read blogs, looking for material to reproduce here. Articles on topics that are interesting to read.

I occasionally take the time to promote my written materials — but not the for the obvious reason. It is because I know that they contain information that may help others achieve a better financial future. For new option traders, The Rookies Guide to Options; 2nd edition represents my thoughts on how someone can learn to use options by understanding how they work.

That’s the rationale behind my request for questions and for suggested topics to discuss. If there is some point that you do not quite understand, just ask and I’ll do my best to clarify the situation.

The common perception is that anyone promotes his/her books is that there is money in it. And sure, I’d love to earn a living from that source. However, selling books is not the road to prosperity, unless a title goes viral. Yet, I still write, and put everything I have into them because the purpose is to serve the readers.

2nd edition cover

2nd edition cover

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