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How about sharing the results of your quiz, i.e. Number responded and
% for each answer? I'd like to see how I did compared to you other



Addendum: Thank you for responding to tell me that the results do not accurately count your responses.  I sent a complaint/questions to MicroPoll to determine the source of the problem. A bit of dabbling on my part shows that some of the data has been lost.  I'll choose a better polling web site next time.

Good idea Tom. There were an average of 55 replies to each question.  I recognize that most readers don't bother to reply, but I find it very disappointing that 100% of readers who did reply had the incorrect reply to two questions.

I must assume that readers who are option rookies responded and others did not.  But as a blogger whose mission it is to help prepare readers for trading options with real money, I'm wondering if more posts containing very basic information are necessary. Please comment.  I do want this blog to contain the information you want to read.

1) Like quizzes?

2% never
44% yes
54% once in awhile

2) Options expired worthless: 100%  Incorrect polling result

3) I'm out of luck: 100%  Incorrect polling result

4) Which call to buy

Aug 30 calls: 29%
Aug 40 calls: 2%
Aug 45 calls: 49%
Aug 50 calls: 20%

I must admit I'm surprised.  So many people are anxious to get started that they bypass a solid education (that's why I'm writing this blog), but it's necessary to understand the basics of how things work.

I consider this quiz to be a success because it demonstrates that nothing should be taken for granted.  I'll be certain to include information that every option trader needs to know. 

This situation may be a failure of the broker – by not exposing each trader to the basics, or if the rookie, who is often so anxious to get started that he/she cannot be bothered with the details.


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  1. collargreen 08/22/2009 at 10:19 PM #

    Enjoying our site. Learning to hedge a little, especially utilizing delta with put options whenever I diversify by buying ETFs Sectors instead of stocks.
    Options Indutry Council also has some great lessons at http://education.optionseducation.org
    I think that I am making a whole lot better rational decisions with your blog and articles specially at Minyanville. Thanks.

  2. Mark Wolfinger 08/23/2009 at 8:11 PM #

    Thank you. Hedging is a smart move.