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As launch time (April 1, 2011) approaches for my new education site: Options for Rookies Premium, I want to use today’s blog post to tell you why readers of this blog would consider joining:

What’s in it for you

Those of you who know me from this blog recognize that I bring passion to the options education business. I care about you and your options-related problems.

For me, this new venture is not only about earning an income for my efforts.

This gig is about providing an outstanding product at an extremely attractive price. A full year Gold Membership costs less than most mentors charge for a single one or two hour session.

For me, Options for Rookies Premium represents an opportunity to become personally acquainted with a wider audience of traders who want to learn to use options. There are solid reasons why understanding how to use options is important for anyone’s financial future.

But right now, I’m telling you why Options for Rookies Premium represents an excellent value for you

  • This is an interactive education, with live meetings (on video if you cannot attend) at which you control the agenda
  • I want my eagerness to teach to rub off, and make you eager to learn
  • Do you want answers to specific questions? Just ask
  • Would you like to have a group discussion on a given topic? We do that also
  • Have a topic to suggest for a spontaneous seminar? If the other members in attendance like the idea, you get your seminar
  • I’m making myself available to you, as part of a group. You gain access to an experienced options trader and teacher. I am someone who wants you to understand how options work. Those members who get involved in the discussions stand to gin the most
  • To begin, there will be four one-hour sessions per month
  • We’ll also follow a trade together. Via blog posts, video, or live meetings, I’ll explain my thoughts at each stage of the trade – from entry to exit. You get to see how decisions are made – and that’s a learning experience difficult to find (without paying big bucks). I’ll consider alternatives for each trade. Deciding when to exit is also part of the experience.

    Please keep in mind that conservative and aggressive traders have different points of view, and I’ll fit that into the discussion whenever possible. Some decisions will be too conservative for you, while others are too aggressive. When you recognize that, you’ve come along way towards defining your own comfort zone.

  • Members are invited to suggest a trade to follow and/or to contribute to all discussions.
  • There’s a Gold Member’s blog
  • I’m preparing video courses (extra cost) that work for those who prefer the more traditional learning experience.

The cost?

Gold Membership is $37/month. With a 30-day money back guarantee.
This is an incredible value.

Join as a Gold Member and become part of the group.


March 2011 issue of Expiring Monthly will be published later today. If you are not already a subscriber, now is a great time to begin a subscription.


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3 Responses to Options Education

  1. Brendan 03/22/2011 at 8:17 PM #

    Mark, would you consider throwing in a subscription (full year or 3-6 month) to Expiring Monthly for the first 5 or so folks who sign up for Platinum memberships? By the way, I might just skip the collar class and sign up for a Premium membership. Thanks. -Brendan

    • Mark D Wolfinger 03/22/2011 at 10:19 PM #


      I’d love to do that. However, it’s not my magazine to give away. I would have to purchase the subscription. Yet is is a possibility. Thanks

      Right now, there is no reason to become a Platinum Member. The advantage to that membership is the ability to see the video lessons, and I am far behind schedule in building the library I hoped to build.

      Go for the Gold!

      Thank you.

      • Brendan 03/23/2011 at 9:35 PM #

        Right on!