I’m pleased to announce that I am writing for about.com. The material is primarily, but not exclusively, targeted to newer option traders.

Pay a visit and look around. As always, I’m available to answer your options-related questions. Suggestions are welcome.



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  1. Marc 02/22/2014 at 5:55 PM #

    Thank you for your writing! As a novice in option trading I just read the article on about.com ‘about’ buying options. I recognize what you are writing about.
    It looks like one have to be pretty sure about the direction of the stock and the timing of the outbreak to make profit with buying calls. I wish I could do so because the strategy of buying calls looks so simple…

    Marc (B)

    Hey Marc,

    It appears to be so simple because it is so simple.

    The problem is that most new traders have no idea how options work and they just buy the wrong options (especially wrong strike price) and they pay prices that are too high. Over and above that, it is extremely difficult to know when a stock is going to make a move — and the direction of that move.

    Thanks for the comment.