Online: The Rookie’s Guide to Options

Imagine my surprise last Sunday when I was searching for a specific phrase via Google and pulled up this page:


I was staring at what appeared to be the entire contents of my book, right there on the Internet for all to read.  I was not happy.

But a closer examination revealed that significant portions of the book are missing.  That may make it frustrating for Internet researchers, but it's an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to get a closer look at the book before deciding whether it's a good idea to own a copy (of course, it's a good idea.  Perhaps even a great idea).

I've been offering (and filled more than 10,000 requests) for a sampler e-book version of The Rookie's Guide, but this Google version contains far more material.  Not knowing this book was available in this format, I had no say in which parts were omitted, but you can get a very good idea of the writing style and information provided  by looking at the sample.  The book is in it's second printing and the online version represents the first printing.

I have received many wonderful compliments from readers and blog visitors, telling me that you appreciate the work I do here at Options for Rookies.  Book sales are my only compensation.  Please consider giving a copy to a deserving friend, family member, or public library.


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