New Focus for the New Year

Welcome to 2014. It’s time for something new at Options for Rookies.

I can no longer post a daily lesson because I have run out of ideas. However, please feel free to submit a question (in the ‘Comments’ below), and the response may turn into a mini-lesson.

The focus of this blog is now going to involve

  • Replying to questions
  • Discussions of the several books that I plan to write this year
  • Tidbits about my trading activity when I believe it would be of interest

Lower Prices

Two of my ebooks (Kindle format) are now $3.99 at (reduced from $9.97).

Other ebooks

Pearson published two other e-books that are available at

Important note: Why Trade Options? is for people who know nothing about options. It discusses why anyone may want to use options and is not intended for any regular reader of this blog.

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