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Hi Mark,


April 2008– I’d been messing with the markets for 20 years on a part-time basis. Some good years, some bad. We sold our waterfront house at the absolute pinnacle and it was my big chance to retire. I plowed about $350,000 into mostly GE and sold slightly OTM calls (no put protection). Laughingly I considered myself an “experienced” investor.

I watched the calls become worthless almost overnight, thankfully I kept rolling them down… down… down… My losses were gut-wrenching but those calls cushioned the blow and quickly opened my eyes to the power of options. I also learned (burned into my soul being) that how much you don’t lose is infinitely more important than how much you make. Somewhere in the middle of that nightmare I came across your Options for Rookies book. Everything changed.


Now I manage 2 accounts. One is entirely iron condors. The other consists of high dividend companies– who’s dividends pay for low gamma OTM puts, while I sell calls every month against the stock. Boring? Yep. It works.

I’ve learned that, I personally; don’t have the psychic power to predict where the markets are headed next (duh). Your book and your blog has helped me immensely. I truly believe you’re waiving the keys to the kingdom to your readers.

Thank You,

Dave Spencer

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One Response to Meet our Readers: Dave

  1. rluser 02/14/2011 at 12:35 AM #

    That resonates, Dave. That’s about when I discovered Mark’s site and it certainly did prove useful. That rolling down sounds mighty familiar, too. How low could this go? Pretty low as it turns out.