Meet Our Readers: Brian

I’m a proud resident of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I’ve been investing since 2002, trading options since 2008 and paper trading ICs since Sept 2010.   I use options outside my main portfolio, which primarily contains equities. My main objective is long-term growth as I’m still in my 30s. I work part-time, and stay home with my girls (3 & 5) the rest of the time while my wife’s at work.

In my mind, the most important options lesson: What goes into Black Scholes.

Biggest A-Ha moment: What IV is, and isn’t.

My most experienced strategy: Covered calls. (Can’t sell naked puts in Canadian RRSP accounts, which is where I started.)

What took me the longest to realize: It’s really hard to make money with collars.

What drives me nuts: Waiting for fills! (Though I’ve gotten better.)

Biggest fluke: Selling MFC.TO in August 2008.

What I work hardest at: Being patient.

Favorite options, right now (real $): Selling covered calls on weekly EEM.

Favorite options, right now (paper $): ICs on SPY.

What I just can’t bring myself to do: Trade on margin.

Biggest relief/Former irrational fear: Getting exercised. The police don’t actually come and forcibly confiscate anything.

Thanks to Mark for all the work that goes into this blog!

Happy trading,


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