Investment Clubs II

If our previous discussion
on investment clubs was of interest to you, I want to tell you about a service
that clubs can use to do their accounting. They provide
 daily valuations, performance reports, club IRS tax
return, and unlimited support

It’s called

I have no financial
connection with bivio, but I do answer questions
submitted by investment club members.

is Web based, so there is nothing to download and nothing to install.  The service includes an electronic link
between your brokerage account and bivio.  Any account activity is automatically and
securely transmitted to them, including member deposits, stock purchases and
sales, interest, stock splits, mergers, dividends, spin-offs and more. With
bivio, the computers do the work. 

clubs can be fun, especially when the members are all learning about investing
at the same time.

learn more, click here.


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