Introduction to Stock Options: The Basics. Free eBook

For readers who are truly rookies,
or for readers who feel they don’t quite understand options as well as they
believe they should, I’ve prepared a free eBook that covers the basic concepts
of stock options. You’ll learn that
options are not complicated investment tools. It’s true that you can use options in complex strategies, but the basic
idea of what an option is and how an option works are easy to understand.


The book is entitled: Introduction to Stock Options: The
and you may download a copy at no cost.

There’s no need to register and
you have permission to distribute a copy to anyone you choose. Stock options can be beneficial to a great
many investors, and the purpose of this web site is to encourage people to take
the time to understand how conservative option strategies can increase any
investor’s chances of earning a steady profit over the years.

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As a reminder, another free
eBook is available. It’s a sampler version of my recent
book: The Rookie’s Guide to Options: The Beginner’s Handbook of Trading
Equity Options
. The book covers six basic option strategies – in detail. It not only teaches you how to place the
trades, but more importantly, it describes methods for managing risk.

  •  Writing covered
  •  Collars
  •  Writing
    cash-secured naked puts
  •  Credit spreads
  •  Iron Condors
  •  Double Diagonal

One Response to Introduction to Stock Options: The Basics. Free eBook

  1. Michael S. 07/30/2008 at 6:21 AM #

    Hi Mark, I printed a copy of your short booklet and found it very useful. Thanks for taking the time to write a short and clear summary of options. I’ll use it as a reference guide.
    Michael S.