Introduction to Options Video Course

At Options for Rookies Premium, I’m offering a video course for option rookies . Much of this course follows my book, The Rookie’s Guide to Options, and some is brand new material.

Currently, there is no extra charge for Gold Members. That means for the nominal fee of $37 per month you get all the features of Gold Membership, plus the course.

Note: I am still adding content, as it continues to expand. When the course is finished, it will be sold separately. Today, it’s available to Gold Members – at no extra cost. This is the type of course that sells for hundreds of dollars, and some charge thousands for far less quality content.

If you considered trying the Premium Membership, now is the time.

Here is the introduction to the course:

Introduction to Options. Part 00

Short Introduction to the series


Expiring Monthly. June 2011 issued published yesterday.

Table of Contents

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