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 A recent poll shows that about 10% of visitors have not yet made their first option trade.  I believe in taking your time and being sure you understand what you are attempting to accomplish (other than 'make money') with each trade.

In an effort to nudge those of you who remain sitting on the fence to have enough confidence to get started, I've decided to make the e-book version of The Short Book on Options (2002) available. 

As an incentive to take that first step, I set the price at a low level.

It's $3.50 (via PayPal).

If you'd like to see what the book discusses, here's the Table of Contents

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On your marks! 

Get ready!  It's easy to understand how an option works.

Get Set!  Read, ask questions.

Go!  Trade (Virtual or real).

Get set. go

The race has begun.  Are you in? Are you ready to protect your assets?

The Short Book is a very basic primer.  It covers far less material than the Rookie's Guide to Options and is very easy to understand.  The book is limited to a single topic – covered call writing.  Those of you who believe that options may be just 'too complicated' will see that options are fairly simple items – and that you have been using them in your everyday lives for many years.  The strategies may feel a bit complex, but options are uncomplicated.

Thinking that such a learning experience will encourage you to get started – even if it's only with a practice account (and I do recommend paper trading, if for no other reason than to become familiar with your broker's trading platform), I'm making the e-book version book readily available. 

Get ready to learn.  Get set to lose your fear.  Go, but please, don't get overly excited and begin using options to gamble.

Reading this introductory book should encourage the more hesitant among you to discover that the whole concept of how options work is truly uncomplicated.  There are very complicated strategies you can use, but there is no reason you to be concerned about that.  There are enough plain vanilla strategies to satisfy almost every investor.

This is important:  If you own, or have read, The Rookie's Guide to Options, DO NOT buy this book if you are seeking additional education.  The newer book has a very expanded discussion of the same topic,  plus a whole lot more.  If you decide to read the Short Book, it should be for further clarification on the basic idea of beginning to use options.

The Short Book on Options e-book is only $3.50.  There's nothing I can do to offer the paperback version at a better price than


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