Expiring Monthly: Back Issue Giveaway II

Thanks for entering.

Promotion ended 5/2/2010.
The article with the most votes is: 'Predicting Stock Returns with Implied Volatility',
written by Jared Woodard. As
promised, here's the link
to that article.

Now for the embarrassing part: I do not have the email addresses of those who voted.  Due to that error on my part, I'll apologize by offering that back issue to each of the 15 readers who voted.

Please send an
email to me at: blog (at) mdwoptions (dot) com to request your back

One Response to Expiring Monthly: Back Issue Giveaway II

  1. 5teve 05/03/2010 at 12:44 PM #

    Thanks a lot, Mark, I’ve got it.