Contest Winner: Options Tagline

Thanks for participating in my search for a new options tagline.  Not just for my use, but perhaps for the industry.  The purpose of the contest is to find a good phrase that will generate interest in understanding options among individual investors. 

The need is real because almost any time that options (or derivatives) are mentioned in the media, the news is always negative.

There were several clever entries.  However, I set up this contest to select a practical tagline – one than may be effective if used.  On that basis, I've chosen the winning entry (and discovered why advertising execs are so highly paid – this is more difficult that it appears):

"Uncertain times require options."

Sample usage:

"Tried and true portfolio protection is no longer valid.  The Prudent Man rule no longer works.  It takes far more than asset allocation to protect your holdings. Today's investor, striving to succeed during uncertain times requires more options, and the ideal investment tool is the stock option.

Options represent the modern and perhaps final frontier in investing. Options allow you to enhance your portfolio performance and protect it at the same time.  You will no longer lay awake worrying about your investments because options work while you sleep.

Options represent a sane investing approach when you work with an advisor who shuns hype and understands the beauty of options as a risk-reducing investment alternative.

That's the options advantage.  Learn to use options today. Order your copy of The Rookie's Guide to Options."


The winning entry was submitted by Josh, and his prize is a one year's subscription to Expiring Monthly: The Option Traders Journal.

There is only one official winner, but I
found a number of useful ideas – ideas that I used above and may be able to incorporate
into future writing. Other top entries (in random order) include:

  • Options: The final frontier  (Alec) 
  • Has your portfolio lost its nice figure? Get it back in shape with options; no exercising needed (same Josh) 
  • Options: They keep working while the market sleeps (Josh again) 
  • Sane options: Derivative discussion without the hype (rl)
  • Enhance and protect (David)
  • The Options Advantage (Penny, who is not eligible to win contest)


Additional subscription is awarded to Jeff', whose suggestion to compare option educators to a doctor who provides many benefits to the patient is very clever, but lengthy.  Perhaps I can use it in an appropriate place.

"The Options Doctor"

The way we should use options as risk management tools for our
investments is analogous to the role of our doctors, who:

  • evaluate our current condition

  • determine risks and benefits of alternative actions

  • provide a recommended approach
  • identify the risks of not following a particular course of action.

Generally speaking, doctors are highly respected as advisors on our
health matters. Likewise, options should be respected as viable risk
management tools for our investments.

Thanks to everyone who entered.



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3 Responses to Contest Winner: Options Tagline

  1. Carl Podlesny 06/20/2010 at 7:33 PM #

    June 20th, 2010
    Hi, Mark!
    I’ve several questions about bull and bear vertical spreads, expiring both in the option month and a month or two out, and assignments.
    First off, the confusion factor arises from the fact that any vertical, bull or bear, can be placed using all Calls or all Puts:
    What is the best way to place a bullish vertical BELOW THE CURRENT PRICE (using Puts or Calls)? Please develop this out with a couple of scenarios with the pluses and minuses or each.
    Which bullish vertical will be most likely to be assigned? Why?
    Which bullish vertical has the most inherent adjustment capabilities? Which are?
    Now, consider the case of a bearish vertical that is place ABOVE THE CURRENT PRICE.
    This, I’m certain, is trivial for you, but my lack of knowledge is costing me money.
    Many thanks for your thoughts on this.

  2. Mark Wolfinger 06/20/2010 at 8:19 PM #

    Thanks for the question.
    I’d like to turn this into a post so others can benefit from the reply (most visitors never look at the comments section).
    Reply Tuesday.
    Short answer:
    I always trade option spreads that are out of the money.
    Sell put spreads (bullish play) below the strike; sell call spreads (bearish play) above the strike
    I don’t want this to cost you any more money.

  3. Josh 06/20/2010 at 8:54 PM #

    Thanks Mark!
    I hope you post about where you use the slogan, if you do end up using it.