CNBC Boycott

Reprinted at the request of the folks at Stocktwits.

Boycott CNBC Day on Tuesday February 3

We are boycotting CNBC on Tuesday February 3, 2009 and ask you to join us.

We are boycotting CNBC because of what we perceive as a gross lack of accountability and editorial judgment. 

We are boycotting CNBC because they produce shows with personalities who take zero responsibility for stock picks and markets calls which misinform viewers and distort the severity of the economic crisis.

We are boycotting CNBC because they trot out so called expert guests who have cost investors millions without warning viewers and allow these guests to pump themselves up without demanding the disclosure of performance.

We are boycotting CNBC because we want to send a message that such asshat behavior is unacceptable to us, their viewers.

Please help us spread the word by retweeting or reblogging and let them know you will not be watching.



Then there's this tidbit from Jared (who is not a fan of CNBC) at Condor Options:  "for those with any sense, a boycott of CNBC will make tomorrow no different from any other day."


2 Responses to CNBC Boycott

  1. Thanks for posting the info- Although tuning into CNBC has a few advantages, the unfortunate reality is the few pros’ are far outweighed by the cons. I will say they’ve done a superb job with comic releif and finding fund managers that are fluent in BS.

  2. Mark Wolfinger 02/03/2009 at 7:59 AM #

    I gave up watching some time ago.