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Money management

money and managing risk play an important part in my trading philosophy.  Jim Farrish, a contributor to greenfaucet.com,
makes these points – and I agree with them:

  •  "manage your money – not the market or others opinions. "

  • “It is easy to
    get caught up in what the market is doing and forget about what you are doing.”


  •  “As an investor I
    want to manage my money relative to what I want to accomplish. What others
    think is interesting, but in the end it is your money, your goals and your
    decisions that matter.”


  •  “Use a defined
    strategy for getting in, getting out, and a defined target/goal. Know why you
    are investing… Focus on managing your money based on what
    you want, and let others do what they want.”


Comfort Zone

recently blogged
about defining your comfort zone and learning to trade within it.

Here is an
intelligent post from The Kirk Report (link no longer active) with a different perspective. Please keep in mind that his advice is geared
to the experienced trader and rookies should first understand where their
comfort zone is before adopting his suggestions.

  •  “High achievers
    (in life and in the market) frequently step
    outside their comfort zone.”
  • “The key for
    today is to first understand what your comfort zone is and then take a step
    outside of it.”
  • “Remember, the market
    doesn't reward comfort and decisions that ‘feel’ good.”
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