All Good Things…

Today Options for Rookies has reached the milestone of 1,000 posts.
I’ve also replied to a few thousand comments and/or questions.

I’ve poured a ton of energy and love into writing this blog.
But, It’s time to move on. I want to spend time on other aspects of my life.

Thank You

I have many notes of appreciation from readers who felt the passion that I bring to the table when helping others learn to use options. Each one of them is a treasure. Thank you.

I trust that I’ve inspired many of you to take the time to understand how options work before beginning to trade with real money.

I know that I’ve emphasized the importance of risk management when trading or investing. If you learned nothing else from these posts except for that single item, then I have done my job.

Most of all, I appreciate having the opportunity to blog about options. It’s something I thoroughly enjoyed doing for more than three years, and I offer a special thank you for all the encouragement.

Options for Rookies is going into retirement. I’ll still be around at the premium site.


52 Responses to All Good Things…

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